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Comfortable Dentures in North Vancouver

Precision dentures are designed accurately to move with your jaw to give you a natural range of motion and a better fit. True to its name, it is precise and works in alignment with your jaw. Exact measurements of your face, jaw and mouth will be taken by denturists to design the denture specifically for you.

State-of-the-art Equipment Makes Precision Dentures Possible

North Vancouver Denture Clinic proudly offers precision dentures options to ensure one of the highest quality and best-fitting dentures options available within our industry. Utilizing state-of-the-art dentures fabrication equipment, our denturists are capable of constructing BPS® (Bio-functional Prosthetic System) precision dentures, as well as Geneva 2000™ dentures on the North Shore. Setting the bar high for overall aesthetics, comfort, fit and function, precision dentures may be among the best options for your specific needs. For more information about our precision denture procedures in North Vancouver, please contact our office!

BPS® Precision Dentures

Your BPS® precision dentures fabrication process begins with the gathering of facial data which is recorded to recreate your natural smile, facial muscles, and contour of your lips as closely as possible. Using an Ivocap injection system, much of the shrinkage associated with traditional dentures is eliminated. Reflecting light through several layers, BPS® precision dentures resist much wear, chipping and staining for a more natural teeth colour. Advantages of BPS® precision dentures include:

 Comfort and optimum fit

 Strength and durability

 Natural aesthetics

 Cleanliness and biocompatibility – less staining and collected odours and bacteria

Geneva 2000™ Precision Dentures

Utilizing handcrafted teeth imported directly from Switzerland, Geneva 2000™ precision dentures are available in porcelain and plastic and use layers of various shades of colour to give them a more natural look. These dentures are designed specifically for men and women and are durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Precision Denture

Quick Repair and Relines

We offer professional denture repairs with while-you-wait options.

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To know more about precision dentures in North Vancouver or to schedule an appointment, call us at 604-986-8515.

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