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False Teeth Dentures in North Vancouver

Complete dentures can help replace your missing teeth. They provide full-coverage and complete support for the entire jaw. Complete dentures can be designed for both upper and lower jaws. They are also removable. North Vancouver Denture Clinic proudly offers immediate or complete dentures in North Vancouver tailored to your specific aesthetics expectations and/or lifestyle requirements. Utilizing the latest technological advancements and equipment available within our industry, we take the time to advise you about your best options. While traditional dentures have typically been placed in the mouth at least a month after the removal of all of the teeth and the mouth’s tissues have had a chance to heal, modern advances now make it possible to immediately place dentures in the mouth as the teeth are being removed.


When you visit our clinic, our denturists will take accurate measurements and provide you with dentures that fit you perfectly. 

Dentures and Eating

Dentures can affect the way that you eat food. As a new denture-wearer, you might take a few weeks to get used to the sensation of eating food with your complete or immediate dentures. We recommend our clients to start with eating soft food that has been cut into small pieces. You should chew slowly, using both sides of your mouth. You can eventually add other foods, till you get used to the sensation of eating with dentures. Caution is required when eating hard and hot foods. You should avoid chewing gum and sticky food. 

Would you like to learn more about eating with your false teeth dentures in North Vancouver? Please reach out to our team. We also provide relines and repairs

Dentures and Speaking

After you wear dentures, you might face trouble pronouncing certain words. We ask our clients to practice these difficult words by saying them out loud. With practice and with time, you will get used to pronouncing these words while wearing your dentures. Your dentures shouldn't 'click' while you talk. If this clicking or any difficulties speaking continue, you should visit us for an examination.  

Do you want to set up an appointment for our false teeth dentures in North Vancouver? Please contact us. You can also turn to us for dentures over implants

Post-Check-ups to Ensure an Optimum Fit

Because the healing process and age may cause your mouth to change its shape and/or size over time, adjustments may be required with the use of immediate dentures. It’s imperative that you continue to visit our office for regular check-ups to check for signs of abnormalities and to ensure optimum denture fit. Please be aware that some patients may have atypical conditions such as Temporal Mandibular Joint or TMJ, which may require additional measurements and adjustments. Never try to adjust or reline your dentures yourself – always meet with a registered denturist for a proper evaluation, realign, or new dentures. Should you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns about your dentures, please contact us, or view our FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions!

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Book an appointment with us for complete dentures in North Vancouver. We look forward to serving you.

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