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Tooth Replacement Solutions and Partial Dentures in North Vancouver

Improve Your Mouth’s Function and Aesthetics

If you need to replace missing teeth but not an entire mouthful, partial dentures are a practical solution for tooth replacement. Typically kept in place with clasps made of resilient metal alloys or plastic, partial dentures rest upon and wrap around your remaining teeth. If you require partial dentures, turn to North Vancouver Denture Clinic to help preserve your remaining natural teeth while improving your mouth’s overall function and aesthetics. We’ll have you come in for an examination and a consultation to determine if any dental work will be required prior to fitting you for partial dentures for tooth replacement.

Visit Us Often to Ensure an Optimal Fit

Partial dentures are custom-made to ensure an optimum fit. Sometimes crowns may be required to help improve their fit. Achieving the right fit is very important because it directly affects your dentures’ overall look and functionality, as well as your bite. A bad bite can cause trauma to your gums and other teeth. Because ill-fitting or loose partial dentures can cause a variety of soreness and damages, we recommend you come in for regular check-ups at least once every six months. If your partial dentures are putting too much pressure on a specific area of your mouth, that may be the reason behind the soreness.

Ill-fitting dentures have been known to cause headaches, sore corners in your mouth, a dull pain in your ears and a snapping noise when you’re chewing. If left untreated, ill-fitting partial dentures can cause damage to your gums resulting in bone loss and/or the loss of your teeth. It’s perfectly normal for the fit of your partial dentures to change as you get older and your jawbone shrinks. Remember, you should never attempt to adjust, realign, or repair your partial dentures on your own – always come in and see your denturist to ensure a proper fit!

The Many Benefits of Partial Dentures

Being fitted for partial dentures is a far less invasive procedure than being fitted for complete dentures, and many of our patients have little to no trouble adapting to them as an effective option for tooth replacement in North Vancouver. Other benefits of partial dentures include:

 Restored comfort – You should notice a comfortable fit when you’re eating, chewing or speaking. If you find it difficult to say certain words while wearing your new dentures at first, understand this is perfectly normal. With a little bit of adjustment time and practice speaking aloud in front of a mirror, you’ll eventually get there.

 Easy to clean – Because partial dentures are removable, it allows for easy cleaning. You’ll still need to brush and floss daily to remove plaque buildup for healthy gums and teeth. However, you won’t use regular toothpaste to brush your partial dentures, as it can be too abrasive and cause damages. You’ll need a special denture cleanser and either a special brush made for dentures or a toothbrush with soft bristles. When you remove them at night, be sure to soak them in clean water.

 Protect your gums– Your partial dentures will help you eliminate gaps between your missing teeth. This also helps prevent trapped food particles, which can lead to bacteria growth, tooth decay and gum disease over time.

Schedule a Partial Dentures Consultation

Don’t suffer from the embarrassment or shame of having missing teeth any longer. You’ll look and feel more confident with your new partial dentures from North Vancouver Denture Clinic. Partial dentures not only restore the aesthetics and functionality of your smile by offering effective tooth replacement, but they also help support your cheeks and lips to make you appear younger too. Should you ever have any questions, comments or concerns about the fit of your partial dentures in North Vancouver, we strongly encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation!

Dentures over Implants

We offer dentures over implants options for North Shore patients.

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