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Quality Reline Denture Services and Repairs in North Vancouver

Are your dentures comfortable to wear? Is it easier for you to speak or eat? If your dentures are causing you discomfort, it's time to reline or repair them. We at North Vancouver Denture Clinic can help you. We can examine and repair your dentures so that you will feel comfortable wearing it again.


We ensure that we provide you with a quality of work rather than temporary fixes. We have many years of experience in dealing with dental equipment and dentures. You can rely on us.


If you need denture repairs in North Vancouver, get in touch with us today.

Prompt, Professional Denture Repairs While-you-wait

For your convenience, North Vancouver Denture Clinic offers prompt, professional denture repair services, usually with while-you-wait options available. Whether you have chipped or missing teeth that need to be replaced, fractured dentures or stains that you’d like removed, our denture clinic completes a variety of denture repairs in both emergency and non-emergency circumstances. Our friendly, professional staff offer you efficient service. We can provide home and institutional care upon request. Please contact our office for more details about our repair services.

What Is A Denture Reline?

Denture reline is a simple procedure that is used to reshape your dentures. This process is vital because the shape of your jaw changes with age, and if you don’t get your dentures relined, they will eventually become very uncomfortable, eventually unusable. Denture relining is essential to ensure a proper fit.


Experienced in Hard and Soft Denture Relines

Your mouth’s overall shape and dental ridges may change or shrink over time, denture relines are often necessary to ensure a proper fit. A laboratory reline is your best option for long-lasting results. However, it may be more affordable and convenient for you to consider a hard or soft reline. With our in-house laboratory and experience, we can provide both hard and soft denture relines, as well as resilient soft rubber liners. It’s imperative you have your dentures relined to help them last longer and aid with your overall oral health. To make an appointment to discuss our reline options, please contact our office!


Signs You Need A Denture Reline

Since dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth's shape, it is natural to become ill-fitted and uncomfortable over time. However, you should not put up with the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures and should have them relined on a regular basis. There are some symptoms that your dentures need to be relined:

  • Presence of prolonged infections
  • Unexplained discomfort
  • Soreness
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Over two years have passed since your last denture reline
  • Dentures becoming loose and falling out

If you are facing any of the above signs, please get in touch with us.


Contact Us

If your dentures feel loose or you have any other of the signs mentioned above, please contact us at the earliest to get your dentures relined. Our experts will help you get rid of the discomfort in no time.

Missing Teeth?

Call to schedule a free denture consultation.

Loose Dentures?

Get in touch for denture relining services in North Vancouver.

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